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Wedding Photographer Melbourne



Your wedding is a very special day  which you have  planned for a long time and a big part of your life. The details and memories need to be captured in time with beautiful wedding photography. You deserve the best wedding photographer Melbourne on your wedding day. It may be a simple affair on a beach, garden, large extravaganza or a luxury destination.


Welcome to Frontcover Photography. With over 20 years experience in the fashion and entertainment industries we strive for perfection. Catering for all cultures and styes we ensure everything is performed with elegance and feeling. Let’s work together to achieve great results and share your love story. 


Thank you for visiting Frontcover Photography.  We would love to share your wedding day and create memories which impress, amaze and last a lifetime. If you have any questions regarding our wedding photography services or would to learn more about Frontcover Photography contact us for more information.

The Best Wedding Photographer

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